duminică, 16 mai 2010

Can I trust in you ? ...

"Without trust,words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong.With trust,words become life itself."
"Trust is like a vase...once it's broken,though you can fix it,the vase will never be the same again."
(Unkown author)

If I was in trouble

and didn't know what to do

If I needed help

Could I turn to you?

When I feel so down,

never felt so blue.

And even though our fights are few,

just let me know,

Can i trust you?

Could I tell you my secrets?

Could I stay with you?

Could I feel safe from harm

when I'm in your arms?

I just want to know,

could I feel for you?

Could I tell you my dreams?

or would you laugh?

Could I tell you the full story?

or only half?

If I told you I loved you

Would you say ' I love you too '?

Can I ask you now before I get hurt,

Could you feel for me too?


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e asa de frumoasa:X:X 8->.deja visez:X

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si melodiaaa:X:X

Anonim spunea...

Trust is the most important and most precious thing in the world.
Once one earns trust from another person, a bond that nothing can undo is created.
So trust with your head and with your heart, both at the same time, never with only one of them.
It's hard to earn it but way too easy to loose it.

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