marți, 6 aprilie 2010

Have I ever...?

"Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river."
(Malagasy Proverb)

Have I ever told you...
That if I sit really still and silent,sometimes.
I like to think
I can hear your heart beating in time with mine?

Have I ever told you...
That when I watch you speak to me
Through lines and cords,
and bytes and ram,
I imagine your voice whispering into my ear?

Have I ever told you...
That I wait out each day in anticipation,
Wanting only an hour or two,
just a second in space and time,
To feel close to you?

Have I ever told you...
That sometimes,I will reach out,
Touching your name
on this cold screen before me,
I could reach in and pull you to me?

Have I ever told you...
That after the first time I heard
the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
Turning the conversation over and over
in my mind,examining it,
Like some newly discovered species of flower?

Have I ever told you...
That I dream of you often,
I dream of you reaching out and touching my hand,
Simply to let me know that you are there,
And everything is okay?

Have I ever told you...
Have I still yet to tell you...
That I love you?

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carmen spunea...

:X Fara cuvinte, poate doar o lacrima,amintindu-mi de alte vremuri.

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