marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Heartless love ...

"Love,with very young people,is a heartless business.We drink at that age from thirst,or to get drunk;it is only later in life that we occupy ourselves with the individuality of our wine."
(Isack Dinesen)
"[...]Somewhere far along this road,he lost his soul to a women so heartless...
How could you be so heartless?[...]"
(The Fray-Heartless)

Heartless Love
Heartless statues,
Dauntless cowards
Sunshine darkens my empty,
Bruised soul
Silence echoes off the wall

Desireless passion
and cruel love,
Run away from fear,
Fly like a black dove.
Resentful anger makes you crave
What you can't own.

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Anonim spunea...

M. Scott Peck
Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience. Falling in love is not.

When you're young you can't say that you love. You can say that a beautiful feeling is runing inside you, you can be happy, your heart is filled with the juice of a kiss but you're not loving. Well love comes later, slowly, and you must have patience. Love is what you want it to be.

As someone saied love represents two persons with one soul.

Well, I can say that I love you :-*:-*

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