marți, 6 aprilie 2010

Never say never !

"Never say never,for if you live long enough,chances are you will not be able to abide by its restrictions[...]" (Gloria Swanson)

Never will I hold you
Or kiss you on the cheek

Never will I see
Everyday of every week

Never will you love me
The way that I love you

Never will I hear the words
I wish that could be true

Never will we go on dates
Or spend long nights together

But, then you say
"It might be true, but never say never again !"

Source: Poems

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Anonim spunea...

Never say never :P

Ari spunea...

ce fain ai ales pozele, versurile si clipurile :D "never say never" e una din favoritele mele ;))
super blogul >:D<

Chocolate Girl spunea...

thx Ari :* ca intotdeauna sweet:)>:D<

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